About Jessica


It all started when…

I was a little girl, and I was obsessed with everything being in it’s place! My bedroom didn’t look like kids room, but the neatest of rooms, with shoe boxes that I’d covered in nice paper from Paperchase, wrapping paper and postcards I’d kept.

Although throughout my education, I only really enjoyed the art and design subjects, I went off to London College of Fashion, to leave in the first year and my parents sent me off to secretarial college - dare I say it was probably one of the smartest moves… I then worked amongst scientists and engineers, who all work methodically and they all love a process. However, my personality was much more of a creative. So I got myself a job in a creative agency as Head of Operations where I got to work and be surrounded by creative people but use my skill set to help run the business.

Hence, my love of working with small creative companies and people, using my skill set to help organise their time and work space.

Some other facts about me:

  1. I’m adopted from the Philippines

  2. I play lots of musical instruments, gaining my grade 8 piano.

  3. I have a rather lovely black cat called Rodney.