TwentySeven77 is flexible, affordable, personal and convenient.  Our goal is to have your work life working better, and your home life feeling easier and more enjoyable. 

Organising is our happy place.  Literally nothing makes us happier than a neat desk, a streamlined system, a ticked-off list, or a brilliantly run event.  That may make us slightly weird, but it also makes us fabulously helpful.

- Are you busy turning your dream into a business but struggling to keep on top of the paperwork, running out of office space, or needing to make your website look as smart as you are? (If you just have “BUILD WEBSITE!!” scrawled on a post-it somewhere that’s fine too)   

- Do you find yourself wishing for a Personal Assistant to just come in here with an actual magic wand for a few hours a week?

- Maybe you just want your family noticeboard not to be at risk of crushing someone?  And for a teeny bit of help with Christmas organising.  And for that cupboard to get sorted.  (And the hinges fixed, while we’re at it)

Founder Jessica Evans is a one-stop-shop organisational ninja and she has never met a challenge she didn’t over come.  

Her hand-picked team of writers, photographers, suppliers, and industry contacts all of whom can be brought in for specialist projects.

Jessica doesn’t get bored with the “boring” stuff – like making an office run more efficiently or streamlining your IT needs, book keeping, ordering and filing, and keeping track of the diary. 

She positively loves the “creative” stuff – like brainstorming event ideas, styling a stall or a trade show stand, designing the slickest chicest websites, giving your competitors Insta-envy, or sourcing the beautiful things that will make your home or workplace feel like somewhere you want to spend time in.

She can sort out your office AND your office party.  She can shoot trouble before you’ve had a chance to think about it.  She can find and deliver gifts for your nephew while filing your photographs and getting your entire address book on to printable labels.  (We know!! Heaven, right?) 


Small business organiser

Jessica has extensive experience in supporting start-ups and small to medium creative businesses, she loves working with creative businesses which tend to be big on ideas but time poor.  Just a few hours of streamlining business processes and systems can make a world of difference to how they can grow. 

This can be as simple as re-organising the office space so everyone has space or setting up a filing system that works for you.  It could mean a discussion of your IT needs - perhaps it’s a new website, a social media boost, or just a way to stop feeling swamped by email.  It might be a morning brainstorming ways to grow your customer base or some help hiring new staff.  And at busy times you can even outsource all or part of a project for TwentySeven77 to run for you.


Pop-up PA

With over 20 years of experience supporting high profile bosses and businesses Jessica knows how to juggle a diary, tame a computer system, and streamline a schedule.

But at TwentySeven77 we believe that everyone deserves a little extra support to help things run more smoothly, and that sometimes a few hours of organisational magic in your personal or professional life can make a world of difference.  So we invented the ‘Pop-up PA’.

Jessica is happy to come in regularly or for a one-off blitz to assist you with anything on your ‘to-do list’.   We’re talking anything from personal filing and accounts to event planning and life admin.  Her decluttering skills are legendary and her address book of useful products and services is huge.  Whether it’s a big presentation or a family party, outsourcing some of the work behind the scenes means you are able to relax and enjoy it.


Lifestyle support

Private clients often call Jessica their secret weapon and say ‘Everyone needs a Jess’.  She is the person we all need sorting and organising behind the scenes to allow us to enjoy the fun stuff.  The person who keeps the show on the road and takes stress away from the everyday.

It could mean booking up a few fun things for the family to do at half term (before the night before … ahem).  It could mean finding a great gardener or getting all the school uniforms named and sorted.  It could mean a single afternoon when travel gets organised, those bags are taken to the charity shop, the photos get framed, and your shopping is ordered and put away.  All while you are (finally!) getting your hair cut or having that long-postponed lunch with your bestie.

TwentySeven77 exists because there really aren’t enough hours in the day. 

Working with TwentySeven77 gives you the huge relief of getting your to-do list done.  Taking the time to get organised actually creates time and reduces stress.  In turn this allows you to get on with what you actually want to be doing, and helps you do it more productively.   When you spend more time in your happy place, magic happens.

Luckily, our happy place happens to be organising.  

What’s yours?  And how can we help you get there more often?

Estelle Ashdijan - Estelle’s Makeup and Beauty EMAB

So I’m not sure where to start with telling you how amazing this lady is! Jess is so knowledgeable in all areas. She is not only great at her job but she is a lovely, kind, smart and bubbly person. Jess has helped me so much with growing my business and is currently building my website too. She adapts to all aspects of all businesses and just seems to know what to do. There have been many times where she has known the right questions to ask and the right things to say. I’m not quite sure what I would have done without her. She is FAB at what she does and any business would be lucky to ‘hire’ her!

Professor Marilyn Strathern

A winning combination of thoughtfulness, professionalism and imagination leads to a superlative service.  Twentyseven77 has organised two occasions for me — to the expressed pleasure of the participants and to my delight and gratitude. Made it all care (as in anxiety) -free from start to finish! Cannot be recommend more highly.

Sam Wilson - Art of Flooring

“Jess is a delight to work with. We asked Jess to help us organise and produce better content for our social media platforms, she delivered on everything promised and has organically grown our online following. It is important that we know how customers find us, clients are now referencing specific Instagram and Facebook posts rather than just Google this is evident of the fantastic work Jess has done. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jess to anyone looking for help with their business.”

Gaynor Clements - The Cambridge writing retreat

'Jess is helping me with a number of matters. She is a combination of PA/sane advisor and wife!

I am in the process of setting up a couple of businesses and Jess is completely invaluable in helping me with the organisational side of things, from dealing with Companies House to reminding me of what I said I’d do but forgotten, and clearing clutter. She’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty. Just as importantly, Jess keeps me on top of social media, posting on my FB page and Instagram and is helping to design my website. She is very IT literate. She is also a lovely person, full of warmth and humour and it’s a pleasure to see her every week. She is exceptionally good at what she does because she’s intelligent, proactive, efficient and enthusiastic. A rare combination indeed!'

Sara Slade Interiors

‘Jess is the answer to all of my logistical problems, she is incredibly organised, thorough and fantastic with clients and suppliers.’

Alison Carter Design

‘Jess took time to observe the way that I live and work and began to slowly organise the different areas within my work-stream, and teach me to use my time more effectively by introducing systems and processes and ensuring that I became more professional as a designer.  

She is very good at all aspects such as sorting out admin, joining  and assisting me in client meetings to even designing and building my website.  
I feel totally at ease with her and have no qualms in sharing all information as she is a delight to work with and she is incredibly efficient and keeps me on my toes.’

Vicky Fenton - My Little Festival

‘I can't recommend Jess enough - I needed help organising my business and putting processes in place and she worked miracles : )’


'No job too small and every effort made to find a solution'